Q & A with a medium

Las Vegas psychic talks about work, finding purpose
By Martina Beatty

People can get uncomfortable when they find out that Rowena Rasquinha is a professional psychic.

"A lot of people will avoid making eye contact with me, once they know what I do," Rasquinha said. "They think I do mind reading, but I can't read minds. I let them think that, because it's kind of funny in a way."

Rasquinha, 37, usually can be found doing readings at the Cosmic Corner inside the Palms casino in Las Vegas, but she was in Reno last week to visit friends and do readings for some of them.

Dena Collins and Mary Beth LoVecchio, co-founders of the Spiritualist High Desert Church that meets in Sparks, first met Rasquinha at a Spiritualist church in Las Vegas; an affinity for the spirit world keeps the friends in touch. So, Collins and LoVecchio invited this reporter to have a psychic reading with Rasquinha on June 14. An interview followed.

Q: So, I've heard that you've read for a lot of celebrities?

A: Yeah, but I can't give you names. They won't come to me otherwise!

Q: Explain what you do.

A: I never give my opinion — it's all about the messages I get. I shift my personality totally aside.

Q: How do you get messages?

A: I get an image in my middle eye. I don't see people as I'm seeing you. When I'm doing my reading I see them clairvoyantly. That's why I don't look at the (tarot) cards at all. The reason why I use the cards, or have them out, is because people are physical and they like seeing something. So that's why I just put the cards out, but I don't really look at them. I just look at my mind's eye and, clairvoyantly, like a movie projector, I'll get different images about people's past, present, future. And, usually, I'll get information that is needed to help them. Because my intention before reading is, "Give me information for their highest good, so they can walk out feeling confident and hopeful and know where they are going." And a lot of times, honestly, people already know, but they just come for confirmation. Sometimes, there are certain blocks that are stopping people from progressing in life. First, I go through this life to see if there's a block regarding that, and then I'll be sent in to their past life.

Q: So, our souls remember things (from past lives)?

A: Yes, (memories are) stored. For everything that we've been through, I think we get all the information forward. For example, I'm 37 right now, and a lot of people expect me to be much older. But then, I have done what I'm doing (now) in past lives, so I bring all that information.

Q: So, if I held up two fingers behind my notebook, could you tell me how many fingers I had up?

A: I can't, because that's not what I do. I basically am doing things where I get into your life and give you information that could benefit you and help you. A lot of people ask me, "Where do your messages come from?" and, I think, from a higher power.

Q: Are you the kind of person who can see auras?

A: I can see auras clairvoyantly. Certain people, I just don't want to be around them. I cringe, like my heart will cringe, and then I look at them and I see some kind of grayish or blackish around them.

Q: Are you from Las Vegas?

A: No, I'm originally from India. I did my school and my college there; I was there for 24 years. I did my degree in psychology. And, then, I wanted to travel, so I thought the best job would be for an airline. So I applied for Cathay Pacific from Hong Kong, and so I lived there for 8 1/2 years. So, I've traveled the world. Everything led me to this, because that field opened me up to different cultures, nationalities. So everything adds up to where you are right now.

Q: Is your family Hindu?

A: I was brought up Catholic, so I went to church and everything. I'm open to all, now. I would call myself more spiritual and more universal, because I'm open to everything. I don't categorize things.

Q: Have you chosen the Spiritualist church to be your religion? A: I won't say my religion, no. I would just say I'm universal because I am spiritual but I won't say I belong to a church. I meditate a lot and that is my worship. Because I honestly think God is everywhere, and you can connect with it — with the spirit, that energy — anywhere.

Q: Do you think Catholics probably would frown on spiritualism, because they might feel it's dangerous to talk with spirits?

A: Yes, absolutely. But in the Bible itself, it says that some of us have got the gift of prophecy. And like anything in life, if your intention is to help people and to benefit others, you just can't go wrong, with any profession. ... Ultimately, deep down, everybody has one goal: to be happy.

Q: And you feel that's possible in this world?

A: Absolutely. I find no reason why not. One thing — I don't get involved in stress about the economy, and this and that. I try to cut out all that and just focus on where I'm going, and what is my part in this world and how can I make the best of this situation where others can benefit. So I don't get carried away with everything else and that's why I feel that I'm really happy every step of the way. And that's what I try to teach people; that is my purpose.

Q: About how old were you when you made that decision, or do you think you were born knowing (your purpose)?

A: I honestly think we all are really psychic. I mean, you get feelings and hunches. What (most) people do is put it aside. Or they'll ask 10 more people what they think they should do. A lot of people feel they have to go to certain places to find spirituality. I think you can find it wherever you are. Because I found it, actually, in Las Vegas! Basically, I just put out (an) intention that I wanted to do something to help people. And the minute I decided to do it, it's like a door opened, and I started getting images, like I was just flooded. It just came to me. It went fantastic and it still is, and I know I'm only growing and I'll never stop growing.