I met Rowena about 5 years ago at the Palms casino " Cosmic Corner". Since then she has helped me stay on track with my business and personal life with her extremely accurate intuitive readings over the years, both in person and via the phone. She has also introduced me to other books, concepts and people that have assisted in my personal growth. I have to say she is a "no bullshit" kind of gal that is not going to tell you what you WANT to hear, but she will tell you what you NEED to hear!!

Carolyn Boroden - Commodity Trading Advisor and Technical Analyst

The first time I visited Rowena was at the Palms a several years back. It was just by chance as I wanted to see the casino. I had never had a reading before and went for the entertainment of it. I have to say it was an incredible experience. I had a lot of fun but more importantly a learned a lot about readings. I didn't realize that readings can bring clarity to the direction of your life. Also, Having lost my best friend you always have those questions that are often un answered in a sudden death. She was able to answer some questions that really helped me to heal and move on. I also ask her questions about Business ventures I'm contemplating. Her advise about business opportunities has been indispensable. Whenever I'm in Vegas I stop in to see her. But I also phone if needed. There's no difference as far as I'm concerned. I have sent many of my friends to her and everyone really enjoys her readings. She has as a good sense of humour and I enjoy her personality and integrity. She's Awesome

William Panos - Co-Owner Stack Restaurant Toronto Canada

I met Rowena when my son, Andre' (DreDay) died January 16th, 2012. It was tragic and came unexpectedly. My daughter had suggested I talk to Rowena as I was paralyzed and in shock, not able to move forward each day. The most important thing Rowena was able to tell me was that he needed my forgiveness. I resisted at first thinking only that there was never a day in his life that he needed my forgiveness. He was my gift from God. But he needed my forgiveness to move on, to pass over and once I forgave him, he was able to see the light. She was able to tell me personal messages from Andre' that only he and I knew. He has promised to stay by my side and I know he is because I have had close calls and without his guidance through Rowena, I know I would not be here. She is a gift in my life bringing me peace and assurance.

Cheryl Holloway - Retired Firefighter/Paramedic

Rowena's advice and counseling, coupled with her strong spirituality, have literally turned my life around. I had entered into al ill-advised agreement involving the sale of my home which would have devastated me. Through her spiritual guidance and prayer towards the problem, the other parties involved withdrew from the deal, voluntarily. Moreover Rowena has conveyed facts to me concerning my late mother and brother which no person but me would have known, rendering great comfort to me. I am a Christian and my meetings with Rowena have only served to make my faith stronger and more positive. She is real, honest and kind, and has helped me greatly.

John Schwabe -Attorney at Law